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Offline Media and Customer Relation: MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific

How to strongly communicate the story; The answer is 'to meet as a person'.

Design by: SolidSprout

Partner: MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific

Project title: MAN Truck & Bus Body Builder Days

Category: Brand & Media Design

Even though online communication, such as websites and social media, is the main channel of communication for many businesses, communication with this method is still limited, especially in bringing its message into the heart of the customers.

For example, as we have been working with MAN Truck & Bus, a German transportation and commuter manufacturer that has a long experience in the production of trucks and buses, when deciding to expand the working base to the Asia Pacific region with Thailand as a strong base, followed by the launch of a new product group released into the market this year. This kicks start the cooperative work flow that we developed the identity of the event and designed the offline media for MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific

Designing offline media for maximum benefit

Communication of products or services in the manner that they meet with customers in person is often ignored by many companies because they think that offline communication is somewhat too costly. On the other hand, although offline communication may look lagging behind, but it could be the critical method that can create benefits for the organization in a very unexpected way.

Our work with MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific this time started with a knack to talk to each other intensively until the identity and the theme of the subject was met. Then we developed the logo for the event and pointed out the applications of the design elements on various media, such as placing a single logo on clothes, having different logo assembly styles with event title or product group name. It also Includes the development of brochures and roll-up types that can be chosen by various properties and durability. Another essential element is the 'ecological design process' that was embraced in every steps of our work.

The factor behind the success of offline media is the human psychological principles. Because human beings are familiar with, inclined to and trust the 'visible and tangible', consistent with the research that point to the same way that 87% of customers agree that their decision to buy products comes from the impression at the product events, and over 74% found that displaying tangible products causes positive feelings about the product (such as feelings, likes, trusts, satisfaction). In addition, displaying products and communicating with offline media can also act as a channel for the manufacturers to hear suggestions from consumers. It results in 2-way communication which helps develop products and services in the future.

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