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Ergonomic-Conscious Door Handle: Ergonome+

Project title: Ergonome+

Designed by: SolidSprout

* This project is featured on designboom. *

Are door knobs we use today forcing us to bend our hands in the wrong way? From this question, we did research on how to move the hand muscles efficiently when opening or closing a door.

We found that to open or to close a door using normal door knobs, the muscles are involved in 3 steps (to hold, to turn, and to pull/push). The wrist has to be rigid when pushing/pulling the knobs, exerting a force perpendicular to the pushing/pulling force. Therefore; we deconstruct the old-school door knobs and re-design a knob that uses only 2 steps (to hold and to push/pull). It reduces the tension on the wrist and help the forces align in the same direction.

Health-conscious design

This design focuses on the health of the users while increasing the efficiency of using hand muscles. This particular design follows the 'deconstruction' process and re-construct the object with human physiology and ergonomics at hand. With this methodology, it allows us to push the design beyond the limits and opens the new possibilities.

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