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Eco-Designed & Made-To-Order Digital Graphics: Yin-Yang

Online media and digital graphics can help save the world and be socially responsible.

Project title: Yin-Yang & eight dragon carps

Designed by: SolidSprout

When we talk about design works that take care of the environment, we tend to think of products or tangible items. Digital media and digital graphics are not usually in the way for eco-design. However, how do we deal with the business when the current standard for the production of public relations media is '80 / 20 ', which means 80% of the entire advertising activities relies on online/digital media, while the advertising with print media is only 20%

Even small digital activities are creating a burden for the world more than we think. For example, sending an email for 1 time requires energy and production that emits about 0.3 - 4 grams of carbon dioxide (equivalent to driving at a distance of 1 km). To be truly socially responsible, companies should not abandon the consideration on the footprints that occur from online activities

Whether it is a big event or a small event, we are always ready to make it. Because reducing negative impacts on society should be a matter for everyone.

This graphic design work begins with the needs of the customers who want to have a living image for the business fortune. They found that the graphics that are available in the market do not fully meet their requirements; therefore, the design of the new pattern became the first choice that they considered. With that in mind, our team was dedicated to paying attention to details according to the needs of customers and adjust the work piece to be satisfactory.

Moreover, to make the work piece able to pass on good deeds immediately without having to wait for the sake of Gods, our work processes pay attention to the potential impacts on the world in every steps under the eco-design principles, not only providing digital services, our production of digital products, therefore, uses less global resources comparing to general processes in the market.

SolidSprout Co., Ltd.

Design for Social Impacts

We use designs to help organizations and people reduce their negative footprints while creating positive social impacts.

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