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Branding for the firm for youth and children: Yokusa

A good branding isn't just a beautiful logo, but it must be designed to be in line with the marketing strategies and campaigns.

Project title: Yokusa

Designed by: SolidSprout

A well-thought product or organizational image can encourage the customers to feel aligned with the brand. This also applies to the brands that are established to solve social problems, branding is a critical tool to make people feel engaged in participating to solve the social problems the brand wants to convey.

This branding design is our work made for 'Yokusa', a brand that positions itself on working with children and youth.

Designing to align with brand personality.

For us any brand design starts from getting to know the identity of the brand. We often think of brands, products or organizations as a human being that has different behaviors, ways of thinking, emotions and feelings. Befriending the brand is necessary to be able to correctly communicate the brand identity through various elements.

This time, the result is the shapes simplified from children's toys. Putting through the colors and patterns that look fun but firm in place; while also being able to communicate positive emotions, representing the smile of children without having to have an actual cartoon smile on any part of the brand.

We have developed logos and brand elements which consist of colors, shapes and objects necessary for daily activities of the brand; whether it be business cards, documents, forms, letters, letters, envelopes, notebooks, as well as equipment that people in the organization will use, such as pencils, pens and other stationery. These elements will help communicate the organizational identity and goals to all employees and customers who come to interact. Brand awareness through these items is a very fast and efficient process before they forward the communication function to the employees in talking to the organization's customers

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Design for Social Impacts

We use designs to help organizations and people reduce their negative footprints while creating positive social impacts.

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