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Be Relaxed on Brand Development with Our 3D Simulation

This is how 3D simulation can help reduce the cost and avoid production failure.

Design by: SolidSprout

Project title: MCG Business Cards

Partner: Maverick Consulting Group

Category: Corporate Identity Design

If brand and corporate image is an important thing, prevention of failures during the production should be considered seriously. This time, SolidSprout partnered with Maverick Consulting Group (MCG) to help them design and create their business cards. We keep our standard by using simulation technique in helping our clients make better decision and inspect the products just before the production.

Designing an accurate inspection.

With 3D simulation technique, the inspection is made easier. Our clients can 'see' the products before they're produced. They can also determine and discuss the possibilities and 'feel' the products in action far more convenient than general 2D flat design images.

This is one of the standards that SolidSprout has used in our design process. This is to nourish the communication between the designers and the clients, and to help reduce the burden that the clients usually have to over-pay for the false design. This process helps limit the risk of false production and false design and make the clients feel more relaxed to know beforehand what the products may look like.

This work flow is one of our methods in design development at SolidSprout. Since we aim to help persons and organisations accurately develop and reflect their brands and identities, the brand elements in any scale, whether it's big or small, are well taken care of.


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